Sickness and Healing through A Course in Miracles, Lessons 135 & 136.

Special Guest Lisa Natoli, author of Gorgeous for God, discusses her healing through ACIM.

The Power of Decision is My Own  Lesson 152 in A Course in Miracles tells us we must decide for God. Only we can do this, for only we can receive all of God's love that's awaiting our decision.

Physical Miracle Healings with A Course in Miracles Some students of ACIM think it doesn't matter if the body is healed, since it is an illusion. Others say a healed mind will be reflected in a healed body. There are Course quotes that support both sides. What do you think? 

How a Miracle Worker Must Think to Perform Miracles

Ego tactics that wreck relationships  The ego self communicates in dysfunctional ways, seeking approval, control, distraction, superiority or inferiority, and separation. The solution is choosing love over fear in every single thought and action with your partner.

Physical Healing  Reading from Gorgeous for God, by Lisa Natoli, whose work has greatly influenced my spiritual growth.