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Breaking Myths about Soul Mates 

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: What are they? What are the differences

Forgiving the Special Romantic Love Relationship

Codependence or Soul Mate/Twin Flame Relationship? How to tell the difference.

Twin Flames & Soul Mates as a Path to God: The Hero's Journey   When your path to God is through romantic relationships, it's not all roses. There are a lot of thorns before we transcend to our Higher Self. Understanding the stages, having a map, helps smooth the way.

Soul Mates as a Spiritual Path  Lorri shares her own journey to God while relating it to excerpts from the book The One, by Kathy Freston.

Enlightenment, Twin Flames/Soul Mates and A Course in Miracles 

We get to enlightenment through the path of A Course in Miracles by forgiving our relationships. The hardest ones to forgive are often our soul mates/twin flames. But it can be done and the reward is phenomenal.

The Bridges of Madison County and the Twin Flame Relationship 

(Please forgive the brief, confused intro, as this was my first show.)

Forgiving the Soul Mate Archetype How do we live out our quest for our soul mate if this world is an illusion? What do we do when we fail to get our soul mate? Forgiveness is always the answer.
Lost Your Soul Mate/Twin Flame? You CAN love again through forgiveness.

Twin Flames? Romantic "Woo-Woo" or a Legitimate Path to God? Lorri discusses the book The One, by Kathy Freston, adding commentary from her personal and professional experience with twin flame relationships.

Non-Physical Twin Flame This is an interview with certified polarity therapist Patrice Sauve about her twin flame, who is not presently incarnated.