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Do you want to know what A Course in Miracles teaches, in a simple format?

Have you suffered a loss that you can't get over?

Has someone harmed you and you know you need to forgive, but just can't?

Breaking Free may have the answers for you.

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Thank you for your interest! Blessings, Lorri Coburn 


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Join me at an amazing virtual conference on A Course in Miracles! Twenty-three wonderful teachers, an entire weekend of messages of healing through A Course in Miracles--all for only $39 (Aug. 22 price increases to $49; Sept. 22, $59). I will be speaking on how my depression healed through ACIM, when psychotherapy only taught me to manage it.

This is one conference you do not want to miss! October 17-19, 2014. Click the link below for more information and to register. Register now and save! 

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