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Spiritual Coaching/Counseling

I work with students of A Course in Miracles and other spiritual paths who want to completely drop ego identification and live as the higher Self. A technique called EMDR speeds up the process, and bringing in the Holy Spirit speeds it up even more. Here is what one client says: “I can’t tell you how light and well I feel after our last session. I feel like I did a whole year of therapy in one session.”  ~Arnie Leal 

"My work with Lorri has taken me to deeper and more soul-shifting places within than I have ever accessed before.  I have been doing healing work with dozens of practitioners for over a decade, and her work is some of the most powerful and pure that I have ever experienced.  Her attention to subtle details while staying focused on the purpose of seeing the wholeness beyond and within any specific fragment is a real gift.  This ability and the love that she infuses every session with lift her to a level that few healers I know of have achieved.  Her work is a gift to the world, and has been an amazing gift to me.  I really love this woman!  Thank you, Lorri!" ~Barret Hedeen, author of Questions for J - And the Love that He Gave Me; workshop and retreat leader for A Course in Miracles; creator of Witness Energy Healing

"Recently I fell into a fearful spiritual funk and sought the guidance of Lorri Coburn to assist me in finding my way back to the light. In two sessions Lorri was able to rapidly help me find release from a long-standing false belief in guilt. The release I felt was stunning. I felt catapulted from the funk I was in. And that was followed by a shower of liberating insights that lasted for weeks. Lorri, in my opinion, is an outstanding master spiritual guide and coach. I certainly can recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and coaching, especially coaching with a basis in A Course in Miracles." ~Jim D. Minnesota

"Lorri Coburn is an excellent spiritual healer. Her training, her awareness and her insights can move mountains. I have had the pleasure of working with Lorri both individually and with my partner. She is equally discerning with individual and relationship issues, and navigates them with aplomb. As a result of working with Lorri Coburn, I feel I have shed numerous issues that have been holding me back in life. I also feel that the relationship with my partner, though going through sometimes rocky times, is getting stronger, and we are able to see the other person's perspectives and heal some of the common issues that plague many relationships. Thank you, Lorri, from the bottom of my heart." ~E.S., MBA, Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Author; Chicago


"Lorri Coburn is a well-prepared and well-grounded professional, comfortable in her own skin. Using practical, useful exercises, she gently invited us to ask ourselves the crucial questions necessary to let go of our stories and accept our Divinity, all within a safe, loving space. This was one of the best workshops I've ever been part of." ~Dave Schultz, Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Hamilton, MT

"Lorri Coburn is a dynamic speaker and a credible source for the grounded and practical application of A Course in Miracles. Her lengthy professional background in psychotherapy is a great compliment to the teachings of ACIM, and she provides stories and practical, effective exercises that bring home the message of ACIM. Her relaxed and friendly manner make it easy for all of us to share and learn from each other. Lorri's workshops are amazing!"  ~Pat Murphy, CORE Council and Program Chair, Center for Spiritual Living, Hamilton, MT

"Thank you for facilitating such a fabulous seminar. It was like a gathering of friends for the sharing of love, laughter and music. Lorri's knowledge of the Course and her real-life examples of "opportunities to remember who we are" provided me with encouragement and some new tools. I am grateful."  ~Pattie

Classes on ACIM

"I really enjoyed class yesterday. You have become a True Master, not only of the Course material, but of running the class. Somehow you ride that razor's edge of keeping the class focused and at the same time, allowing for spontaneity and humor. Your class is both joyous and totally empowering. 

I would suppose that your deep knowledge and understanding of the Eastern Spiritual Path is rare among Course Teachers. This balance is, to me, where your true and unique value as a Course Teacher lies. You are consistently honest, vulnerable, highly skilled and riotously fun. 

I liked that you explained that even if all is pre-destined, we still have the choice between coming from and orienting toward Holy Spirit or Ego. Perhaps that's our only choice and the only one we need make! Maybe it's like watching a movie. We can love or hate the characters or we can see it as an illusion and En-Joy the ride! It's so fun to see you own your skill. I know that you are continuously giving it up.

You own nothing but yourSelf!    So cool."

~Name Withheld by Request

Breaking Free Recommendations

Gary Renard 

"Lorri Coburn is a woman who demonstrates in this book that she doesn't just ask the tough questions, she has also found the answers. I've never seen a more satisfying explanation and resolution of the mysteries of life. I enthusiastically recommend this wonderful book."
~Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

Jon Mundy, One of First Readers/Teachers of ACIM

"In Breaking Free, Lorri Coburn tackles some of the 'seemingly' more difficult concepts in A Course in Miracles® and elucidates them with remarkable clarity." ~Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author of numerousl books on the Course, including Living A Course in Miracles, Missouri Mystic, Awaken to Your Own Call, Listening to Your Inner Guide, and The Ten Laws of Happiness. Jon was introduced to the Course by its principles--Drs. Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford, and Kenneth Wapnick--a year before its publication.

Couldn't Understand ACIM Until Lorri's Book 

"I had a copy of ACIM  for years, and never was able to really get into it much at all, it all sounded so foreign. After starting to attend Interfaith where people were talking about it more, and meeting Lorri and reading her book, I was able to grasp what ACIM was about enough at the level I was at to then start to read the material and do the lessons. The book helped me get an overview of the course in a way that made sense to me, and related to me in a practical way."
~Valoree, Ann Arbor, MI

Making Complex Ideas Simple

"I am re-reading Breaking Free for the second time and find that I'm getting more out of it than the first time around! Lorri, you have an incredible ability to take the seemingly complex principles of ACIM and demonstrate their true simplicity through stories and experiences that all can relate with. Not since Disappearance of the Universe have I read a more user-friendly explanation of practicing forgiveness as outlined in the Course! BRAVO!"
~Reverend BJ Erngren, Farmington Hills, MI

A Major New Work 

"I have been many years on the spiritual path and wish Breaking Free had been available 20 years ago. Every few years we are blessed with a brilliant new teacher like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. David Hawkins, or Marianne Williamson. Now Lorri Coburn is following in those footsteps with a major new work. I consider Breaking Free a must-read for anyone on a spiritual path."
~David Winfree, M.A., Educational Leadership, Meditation Instructor

Can't Put it Down!

"I just got my book and I can't put it DOWN!! You have made it so clear! I recommend this book to anyone interested in A Course in Miracles!!!"
~Doug Dagley, Sterling Hts., MI