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Here you will find a few helpful links...

Tony Ponticello runs the Community Miracles Center, where you can find locations of study groups, Tony's intriguing articles on ACIM (he always has an interesting slant), a voluminous bookstore, classes, conferences and more.

David Hoffmeister has been one of my main teachers. He is the closest to an enlightened being that I've ever met. He speaks with perfect clarity and unconditional love, never wavering from a non-dualistic interpretation of A Course in Miracles. He has hundreds of youtube videos, www.youtube.com/davidhoffmeister, and his website, www.teacherofteachers.net offers a wealth of free material for beginning to advanced Course students. David lives by total trust in the Holy Spirit, freely giving of himself, owning nothing, supported by donations. He travels around the world, where called by the Holy Spirit. He is truly joyous.

Lisa Natoli and Bill Free run the Teachers of God Foundation. Lisa writes an incredible blog on A Course in Miracles, which has been instrumental in my spiritual and physical healing.

Jon Mundy is a good friend and the publisher of Miracles Magazine, a source of wisdom for the advanced or beginning Course student. You can get a free copy at his website, www.miraclesmagazine.org. Jon is the author of numerous books on A Course in Miracles, including Living A Course in Miracles, which is a consummate guide.

Jim White, another good friend, holds numerous workshops and retreats, as well as facilitates a study group. Jim's website is www.lovecomm.org, where you can listen to his audios, purchase his book, receive a guide to reading the text of ACIM in one year, and more. Jim excels in his ability to breakdown the Course into understandable components.

Miracle Share  www.miracleshare.org  Corinne Zupko, Craig Villarubia, and Danielle Boonstra have created a site with lots of information--written, audio and video. You'll find deep discussions of key concepts in ACIM, explained in user-friendly ways.